August 18, 2019

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Facts to know about Car Accidents

While we are all aware of the potential risks associated with driving, there are many facts about car accidents that the average American does not know about. This is why many Americans are a bit casual about the events that follow a car accident. Instead of taking proactive steps to hire a lawyer, they will give the other driver the benefit of the doubt. But it makes a lot more sense to remain proactive and to protect yourself from a financial point of view. Here is a look at some facts you should know about car accidents in America:

  1. 40 percent of all fatal car accidents involve alcohol

While it is not surprising that many fatal car accidents may involve one or both parties being intoxicated, 40 percent is a remarkably high number. This indicates that for those who get into a very serious accident, there is a high probability that the other party may have been driving under the influence. This is a matter you can only resolve if you have a high-quality car accident attorney working on your case. Your attorney will provide you with the necessary information to get a suitable settlement.

  1. Most car accidents take place within three miles of the individual driver’s home

When we think of major car accidents, we typically think of highways, freeways and busy roads. While many accidents happen on these roadways, most of the car accidents we will face in our lifetime will happen within three miles of our homes. This not only indicates that you need to be more careful while you are driving around residential neighborhoods, but it also means you should take these accidents more seriously. A fender-bender with someone who lives two streets away is just as important as the accident you get into on the highway.

  1. Men cause twice as many accidents as women

Unfortunately, the perception that women are bad drivers will never go away. But the truth is that men are twice as likely to cause a car accident as women. While this does not mean you should worry every time a male driver’s car comes near yours, it means you should demonstrate vigilance every time you are on the road. The best way to keep your vehicle and its passengers safe is to drive in a proactive and careful manner.

  1. Teens have the highest risk of being injured or killed in a car accident

Statistics from a few years ago suggested that around 300,000 teens get injured in car accidents each year, while 5,000 will die. This shows that teenagers are not only unsafe drivers, but the types of accidents they get into are more serious. If you have a kid who has his own vehicle, you must educate him about the importance of driving safely. Make sure you have full insurance coverage for each car and every member of your family. And if you discover that he got into a car accident, make sure you notify your insurance carrier so it can defend you.

This article was submitted by Christensen & Hymas in Utah. For more information, please visit our Utah car accident lawyers.